White Lotus Farms (WLF) is such a precious find! The meticulously and lovingly grown/hand-crafted produce, breads, pastries, cheeses, and candies are made on site. The staff are incredibly helpful and friendly.
— Alex N., Yelp

Winner of Ann Arbor's Favorite Farm, Current Magazine 2016. Fresh local organic produce, artisan breads made with 100% organic flour, and cheeses straight from the farm. And now a CSA that lets you make choices! Don't like a veggie? Swap it for you one you love. It's your CSA and we are your farm. Also available at local Farmer's Markets. 

Ann Arbor organic farm local produce
White Lotus Farms food is amazing. I just ate some spinach I bought yesterday ........ It was sweet and had actual flavor :)
— D.S. Google reviews

We hear it all the time around Ann Arbor 'Your produce is simply tastier, sweeter more flavorful than any we have ever had before.' The secret is in the soil. We started with organic certification now go far beyond this. 

They sell freshly made breads, cheeses (primarily goat) and baked goods. You’re just going to have to eat everything because it’s all amazing.
— R.G. Facebook

True artisan bread simply can not be baked in mass scale. The essence of baking is simple, a few ingredients, like 100% organic flour, transformed through the heat of the oven. Simple, but not easy. It is a science and an art.

OMG the cheese! Next time we will try some of their fresh produce........ No lie, we will make the half hour drive each week just for the cheese!
— J. V., Yelp

For us artisan cheese making is a magical art. Centuries old recipes, a modern kitchen, and a passion for quality are all required - it is the passion for quality which makes the difference. 

One of the gems to be found in this area is White Lotus Farms on West Liberty. It’s just seven miles west of bustling Ann Arbor, but the setting is peaceful and very rural. Not only does this farm make and sell delicious cheeses and breads and other produce, but also its grounds are beautifully laid out with rose gardens, ponds and ornamental flowers.
— Detroit News, Sept. 7th 2016

Receive only the veggies you want. A CSA that gives you the choices! 

Our innovative organic produce CSA (community-supported agriculture) allows you to chose for yourself what you want in your bag. Some people shy away from CSA because they don't want to pay for foods they don't want. We can understand that. Thanks to technology each week you can choose which items you do or do not want in your CSA share. Don't know what to do with fennel bulbs?  Don't want to learn?  Simply opt out of fennel and receive more of something you do want! Don't want beets, ever, now you don't have to have them. Its your CSA and now it can be tailored to your preferences. Also bread, cheese, and egg options. Click below and explore the options. There is a reason we were voted Ann Arbor's favorite farm.

Some of the deliciousness we offer: Asian Greens (bok choi, mizuna, etc.) Arugula, Asparagus, Basil, Beans you-pick option, Beets, Broccoli, Brussel, Sprouts, Conical Cabbage, Napa Cabbage, several types of Carrots, Cilantro, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic and Garlic Scapes, Greens (chard, collards, kale) Husk Cherry you-pick option, Lettuce, Melons (watermelon, cantaloupe) Onions, Parsley, Parsnip, Pea Shoots, Peas, snap & snow, Peppers sweet & hot, Potato, round Radish, Daikon Radish, Watermelon Rhubarb, Spinach, Strawberries you-pick option, Sunchokes (jerusalem artichokes) Spring Salad Greens, Spring Onions, summer Squash, winter Sweet Potato, several varities large heirloom Tomatoes and several varities cherry Tomato.

I live just down from the road from White Lotus Farms and have been going since it opened years ago. Their produce, cheeses, breads and baked goods are all fresh and incredible. The staff is super welcoming, friendly and informative- they even let me pick some of their gorgeous red poppies to use as centerpieces for my high school graduation party!
— K.D. Facebook

Our Mission: To be Ann Arbor's #1 source for premium quality organic produce and artisan breads and cheeses. At White Lotus Farms, we share our passion for quality through artisan products made right here on the farm. As Buddhist practitioners who have dedicated our lives to finding beautiful and virtuous ways of making our way in the world. At the heart of our tradition are integrity, honesty and authentic relationship with customers, community and the larger world. Our handcrafted products will delight and amaze you with their fresh local flavors and unexpected beauty.

Our Promise: To delight you with the exceptional quality of farm fresh flavors and unexpected beauty. To provide  superb quality handcrafted breads mae with 100% organic flour, cheeses made right on the farm, and the freshest local organic produce in Ann Arbor. We bring the art of delicious to you at Ann Arbor area farmer's markets.

Also check out our innovative community-supported agriculture program: you have choices of veggies and more options.