What do local chefs and restauranteurs say about our quality.

As a chef my greatest lesson came from my relationship with WLF. “When you pursue great flavor you also pursue great ecology.”-WLF stands in line with all of those tenets- stewards of their land and stewards of their flocks with the end result unparalleled produce, breads and cheeses
— Jolly Pumpkin Chef Maggie Long
A CSA bag of veggies that you want is more valuable than one with items you won’t eat. People fall into one of two camps - those who do want fennel bulbs and those who decidedly don’t. Don’t like it? Trade for something you do! Community Supported Agriculture that listens to the community.
— CSA 2017
White Lotus Farms, hands down, has the best products around.  The amount of care and attention that goes into their work, can be measured by the little amount of work the chef has to do to make the products stand out.  They have single handedly raised the bar for all food artisans in the area, and I can’t thank them enough for their amazing talents.
— Raven's Club, Ricewood Chef Frank Fejeran

We hear it all the time around Ann Arbor 'Your produce is simply tastier, sweeter more flavorful than any we have ever had before.' The secret is in the soil. We started with organic certification but now go far beyond this. 

True artisan bread can not be baked in mass scale. The essence of great baking is simple - a few ingredients. 100% organic flour, water, and yeast transformed through the heat of the oven. Simple, but not easy. It is a science and an art.

For us artisan cheese making is a magical process. The freshest milk, centuries old recipes, a modern make room, and a passion for quality are all required - it is the passion for quality which makes the difference. 

It is really exciting to drive out to White Lotus Farms each week to pick up my organic CSA share. Everyone is so friendly and it’s almost unreal how beautiful it all is. And then I get to take a piece of this paradise home with me every week and work it into our weekly meals. Such color, such beauty, such happy tummies and hearts!
— Deepali Stark

I live just down from the road from White Lotus Farms and have been going since it opened years ago. Their produce, cheeses, breads and baked goods are all fresh and incredible. The staff is super welcoming, friendly and informative- they even let me pick some of their gorgeous red poppies to use as centerpieces for my high school graduation party!
— K.D. Facebook

Our Promise:

To offer you the highest quality organic, farm fresh, produce, breads and cheeses in Southeast Michigan.

Our Mission:

Our commitment is to small scale hand crafted goodness that can be tasted in every bite. As a contemplative Buddhist community we are dedicated to Right Livelihood and an artistry which reflects our commitment to mindfulness and compassion. We strive to live our tradition's values of integrity, honesty and quality through authentic relationship with customer, community and the larger world.