The secret of great organic local produce .... 

The soil. We see ourselves as stewards of the land and our farming practices show it.  USDA certified organic, but that's just the start. Great produce starts with great soil and our strong focus on soil enrichment produces food that is not only as nutritious but also measurably more flavorful.  Biodynamic methods, Permaculture, Biochar, Vermiculture all of these and more inform our practice of true sustainability. 

We care about our animals. We love them. Our animals live the free range lifestyle and we let their well being be our guide. They wander grassy pasture all day, every day. The milk and eggs they give us are rich with flavor. 

One of the gems to be found in this area is White Lotus Farms on West Liberty. It’s just seven miles west of bustling Ann Arbor, but the setting is peaceful and very rural. Not only does this farm make and sell delicious cheeses and breads and other produce, but also its grounds are beautifully laid out with rose gardens, ponds and ornamental flowers.
— Detroit News

An Innovative CSA

À La Carte Community-supported agriculture!

You love veggies - but maybe not every veggie. Perhaps you don't like beets. In the past community-supported agriculture, CSA's, forced you to end up with veggies you didn't want – no more!  Each week you will receive an email itemizing what we have for your CSA: don't like something? Swap it for something you love.

Want to just receive whatever comes your way?  Thats great! And we will provide delicious recipes for the adventure. We want your CSA to be your CSA.

There is a reason we are your favorite farm: putting the community into Community-supported agriculture. 

Your CSA Membership is Waiting For You

CSA Reviews

I 💛 my CSA farm and my dog Earl 💜s their goats
— miss_so_and_so via instagram
Best CSA in the game.
— itsmenoodzz via instagram
It’s been wonderful to receive so many fresh and fun vegetables!
— Satoko Motohara
I’ve been delighted with my produce share! Every week I find my bag filled with the most delicious produce Thank you White Lotus Farms for the best service I’ve found anywhere.
— Kate Riley
I have really enjoyed the variety as it has become summer.
— Aaron Cosentino

Come Visit Our Farm:


9:30AM - 2:00PM        

May through December

Located at 7217 W. Liberty Rd, 
just 7 miles from downtown Ann Arbor.