Cheese is an alchemy of happiness.

We care about our animals. We love them. Our animals live the free range lifestyle and we let their well being be our guide. They wander grassy pasture all day, every day.

It starts with happy goats. We show our love by providing our herd pastures of the best forage grass along with plenty of native plants and flowers. We hand raise our baby goats and even give them warm little coats in the cold Michigan Springtime. 

Our milk travels literally just steps to the creamery, where we make all of our cheese, in small batches, by hand, using traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients. We use organic products whenever possible. Our equipment is state of the art. Our artisan farmstead cheeses are a rarity in this day and age; there really is no substitute for such fresh milk! Try our fresh and aged goats milk feta and a favorite french-style Crottin called Bella Luna. We also make specialty products like chocolate truffles with our farmstead chevre, and a variety of marinated cheeses.

We make other exceptional cheeses with small batches of cows milk from a local farm; an original hand-crafted, aged farm cheese called Summer Meadow, our raw milk version called Wild Meadow, fresh mozzarella and also a line of European style cultured butters. 

Our dairy is not certified organic, yet we strive to practice organic methods whenever possible. Our grain is sourced from a local grange producing non GM feed. Our pastures are maintained for good health that maximizes nutrition. We use compost tea on high traffic areas to benefit soil. The goats' bedding is used on the farm for compost. We partner with other local farmers and businesses who share our commitment to quality of product and quality of life. We have a whey repurposing arrangement with a local pig farm and fruit orchard where our waste becomes food and nourishment for other animals and plants. Our goal is holistic management: natural, spacious living for our goats and positive impact on the environment.

You can taste and purchase our delicious cheeses at our farm cart on Saturdays and at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, Eastern Market in Detroit and at both Argus Farm Stop locations all week long. 


Our herd is made up of AGDA registered milking does, mostly Nigerian Dwarves and a few American LaManchas.


Care and gentleness characterize our approach to living with our animals. One of our doelings born last spring.


We’ve been named a Local Food Hero by Edible WOW Magazine. Check out the Fall 2017 issue

The people are always so nice here. Where else can you go meet the goats that helped make the cheese you’re buying? The grounds are so meticulously maintained and the produce is usually minutes from the field when you get it. I don’t buy the bread too often for dietary reasons, but I’ve sampled it and it is even better than Zingermans. Go. Hang out. Meditate in their little Buddhist garden. Life will be just a little bit better when you leave.
— Tom B. Google Reviews
Love White Lotus Farms! We are CSA owners and love visiting the farm to pick up our share. Saturday farm carts are great; the fresh bread is delicious (the cranberry walnut is my fave) and the goat cheese is divine. Great place to explore and spend some time enjoying the farm!
— Alicia C. Google Reviews
Amazing!! So impressed and inspired by what these guys are doing. Incredible gardens, awesome cheese, bread, and produce. Baby goats! And don’t even get me started on the pizza. So happy to have white lotus in our community.
— Abby R. Facebook
The farm is gorgeous with flowers and plants everywhere. Kind people caring for what seems to be content animals. The “O”s (we had Lemon) are pricey, but worth it. The best baked goods I’ve had on any of the 4 continents I’ve been on!
— Jim K. Yelp