Our Bread is Old School. 

Everything I do here is guided by a passion for quality.
— Trinle Tsomo, Head Baker, White Lotus Farms

The essence of baking is simple - 

A few ingredients transformed through the heat of the oven, into something that, throughout time, has sustained life. This is simple, but not easy and it is the skill of the baker that determines the outcome. Mixing, shaping, balancing the process of fermentation, at every one of these steps the baker's skill and artistry are judged by the results.

White Lotus Farms head baker began by studying in the best local bakeries and then his passion for quality lead him on a nationwide pilgrimage seeking out the best of the best, talking to them, studying their methods and baking along side them. Jonathan Stephens of Northampton, MA's Hungry Ghost Bakery, Josey Baker of San Francisco, Della Fattoria of Petaluma, CA, Greg Mindel and Mike Zakowski all added to his skill set.

Our breads are available at local Ann Arbor markets.

While our bread is not certified organic, it is made with 100% organic grains. 

We care about flavor and nutrition when we bake. Our bread is old school: naturally leavened, made with 100% organic grains, each loaf shaped by hand with care and attention. We think of time as a main ingredient in our bread. You simply can not accomplish the artistry of great bread except in small batches, most bakeries sacrifice this for the profit margin of larger scale wholesale. Time is what develops its intricate flavors, and we respect the craft and tradition of creating the best bread possible.
— Trinle Tsomo, Head Baker, White Lotus Farms

People love our products.

I love my weekends at WLF. The only truly artisan breads and farmstead cheeses in a beautiful country setting.  
- L.K., Yelp

“The bread share is delicious and I’ve been telling all of my friends about it.”
- Jennifer Fike

"We bought some cream cheese and a baguette from the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. OMG! This is the FIRST time I've found a place where the baguette tasted like it came directly out of an oven in France. I highly recommend Lotus Farms. I've never been disappointed with any purchase."
- Rebecca G., Facebook

"My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach but I was also buying for a friend.  I ended up purchasing two lemon cronuts, two chocolate cronuts, and a chocolate croissant.  This was my first cronut experience ever so I had pretty high expectations.  And boy, did it live up to my expectations!"
- Natalie T,  Yelp

"Wonderful farm offering outstanding cheese, bread, and produce. Don't miss their Saturday visiting hours for friendly people, cute goats, and yummy pizza!"
- L.C., Facebook:-) - L
.C, Facebook

"Always fantastic! The pizza is exceptional. Was happy to stock up on bread and cheese."
- Anne Z., Facebook

The goat cheese is sublime and have never tasted bread that good.  
- Josh S., Google Reviews

Cranberry walnut bread is so good it doesn't need anything else with it to make a feast - not even a knife - it's simple goodness you want to break with bare hands and eat - YUM !
- T.C. Google Reviews