It just seemed natural .......

We have the fixings greens, carrots, pea shoots, cheeses, tomatoes, peppers, bread, organic dressings. And we have hungry customers who need a salad to go with that WLF pizza or to take home from the A2 Farmer's Market.

The Mediteranean: Young kale chopped and served up with golden raisons, farrow, parmesean and a simple oil and lemon juice dressing. We suggest a thick slice of Olive Bread ot go with that.

Classic Farm Salad: A medley of mixed greens, garden veggies and a variety of sides and dressings to choose from. Great with a baguette and some chevre.

Pea Shoots Salad: An ever changing delight. Pea shoots with snap peas and a goddess dressing. Pea shoots with parmesean and a simple lemon joice olive oil. Pea shoots with bacoon and shitake and ginger vinegrette. Each week something delicious will be offered up and we suggest you eat it with a slice of country bread slathered with our WLF Arugala and carrot top pesto.