It all started when Marcus Gavius Apicius ....

"Hand crafting small batches of jam allows me to preserve bright notes and subtle nuances of fruit blending in unique flavors such as cardomon and lavender. Throughout the centuries jam has delighted and I am hoping to surprise and delight you with the flavors you know and some modern and ancient surprises." Priya Tsomo

Jam has history. First mentioned Marcus Gavius Apicius in his book ‘Of Culinary Matters' 2000 years ago jam was later introduced to Europe by crusaders returning from the middle east. White Lotus Farms jams, preserves, conserves aim to bring you the rich variety of that history."

Priya Tsomo graduated from The French Pastry School in Chicago in 2012. She has acted as a senior advisor to the White Lotus Farms bakery and now is now crafting her own line of White Lotus Farms preserves.