• An organic farm whose produce is so tasty it has been featured on Tastemade Food Network.
  • A creamery with its own herd of goats whose cheeses grace the cover of food magazines.
  • An artisan bakery using only organic flours and whose OH!s were mentioned in Bon Appetit.
  • A center for arts whose free public poetry readings have been mentioned in world news.

White Lotus Farms a place of unique beauty and quality. People are raving about White Lotus Farms and for good reason. Our organic farm, bakery and creamery are unique in the emerging field of sustainable farming and agricultural tourism. 

White Lotus Farms featured on Tastemade's Grill Iron episode with 655,372 hits!
Professional chefs and culinary lovers know the taste of quality.

As a chef my greatest lesson came from my relationship with White Lotus Farms. “When you pursue great flavor you also pursue great ecology.” White Lotus Farms stands in line with all of these tenets – stewards of their land and stewards of their flocks with the end result of unparalleled produce, breads and cheeses.
-  Ann Arbor, Chef and restaurateur Maggie Long
— Ann Arbor, Chef and restaurateur Maggie Long
Edible wow cover.jpg

White Lotus Farms cheese was featured on the cover of Edible WOW magazine in its Winter 2015 issue. Both farmstead goat cheeses, such as our chévre and crottin and cow cheeses, such as Summer Meadow, have wowed customers at local farm markets. 

Authentic Hearth to Home Baked Goods
— John Roos, Owner of Roos Roast
White Lotus Farms, hands down, has the best products around. The amount of care and attention that goes into their work, can be measured by the little amount of work the chef has to do to make the products stand out. They have single handedly raised the bar for all food artisans in the area, and I can’t thank them enough for their amazing talents.
— Chef Frank Fejeran

Gary Snyder reads at White Lotus Farms. For several years White Lotus Farms has brought internationally renowned poets such as Nathaniel Mackey, Andrei Codrescu, Franz Wright and Robert Hass to give free public readings in the farm gardens. Video from WorldNews.com